In addition to being a graduate of Berkelee College of Music, I have had the good fortune to have studied under some of the best drummers and master educators in the world -- including Joe Morello, Tommy Igoe, Alan Dawson, Sal La Rocca, Joe Hunt, Adam Nussbaum and Dom Famularo. Like these great talents, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for drumming, not only through performing, but also through teaching. My mentors laid the groundwork for both my drumming and teaching style by bringing their live performance and touring experiences to our lessons. This is a practice that I have continued with my students. I find this to be important not only because it builds the foundation for a strong drummer but because it also gives the student great insight into what it takes to become a successful working musician.

My students come to me for different reasons....some of them want to learn drums so they can play along with their favorite music while others want to start a band with their friends or play in the school band. Whether you want to play drums as a hobby or play professionally, I could work with you on your musical goals. Understanding music is definitely important but it is also important for a student to learn how to get along with different types of people, market their talent, grow confidence in their ability, stay humble as their skill level grows, and, most importantly, how to find balance between life and music. My goal is to work on these areas with my students along with the music. As for the music, I teach the, often mundane but necessary, rudiments of drumming by using creative exercises developed based on a student's musical interests. Ultimately, my quest is to unlock some of the mysteries of drumming for my students and introduce them to different styles of music, but I can't stress enough that the most important part of playing music is having FUN.

I am proud of some of the accomplishments of my students which include:
> Winner of the PASIC (percussive arts society international convention) High School drum set competition
> Playing in the Trenton State big band
> Playing in the band Cash Cash currently signed to Universal records
> Playing in the band Hart Attack touring with the School of Rock
> Playing in the High School Jazz Band,Concert band and Marching Band
> Going on to teach their own students

One hour or 45 minute lessons are available at-home or in the studio. Thirty (30) minute lessons can also be scheduled for young children


"Tom is an awesome drum teacher. He has taught me how to read, pick up my speed, and have better
coordination while I'm playing. He's really great to work with. He's flexible with my schedule,and he never pushes too hard. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play and anyone who wants to get better."

Sally age 9

"Tom has been our son's drumset teacher for over five years. He was recommended to us by a colleague of my husband (who works in the music industry). We were originally interested in him because he went to Berklee. The reason we've stuck with him for so many years is because he's great. Our son has learned so much from Tom not only because Tom knows so much about drumset but because he knows how to teach.

John has good aptitude but Tom knows how to develop that potential by encouraging discipline to develop technique. He also exposed our son to different musical styles. He has good instinct for when a kid neds to be pushed a bit and when to lay back. Our son's playing has developed greatly under Tom's direction but more importantly, he still loves to play and make music."

Margarita,mom of 16 year old student.

I was writing my college "brag sheet" and i was writing about tom. so i decided
to google him and this site came up. i just wanted to say that Tom is the best
guy in the world. Not only is he an awesome guy personally, but his skill set
is one of a kind. I have been with Tom ever since I was 5, where i started out
with him at Calderone Music School. He has taught me everything I know and I
definitely will continue in college. Because of him, I was able to beat out all
of the guys that tried out for my high school's Jazz band and come out as first
drummer. They were baffled because I was a girl..and ASIAN! haha. I don't know
if he is going to read this or not, but I just want to say that I am so proud of
Tom. It's kind of weird for a student to say that about her teacher, but I
remember Tom when he was just teaching lessons around Jersey, but now he's
touring all over the world! He's a huge inspiration to me and I would recommend
anyone learning percussion to use Tom because he is definitely worth it.

Michele Lee